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Discover the SECRETS of Becoming a Copywriter! Earn THOUSANDS Each Week Just By Writing
Simple Letters Like This - NO Experience Required!

Dear Friend __

Can you imagine earning $10,000 … $20,000 … even $50,000 …

- Just for writing a simple letter, like this one?

It sounds crazy. But good “copywriters” earn more writing a simple letter like this than most doctors do in a month.

Not only that, they set their own hours. They get to work from home. And they’re so in-demand, new job prospects are always knocking at their door.

But here’s the best bit.

Being a “copywriter” is EASY.

Even if you have absolutely NO writing experience, you could soon be churning out a simple sales letter every few weeks – and getting paid BIG as a result.

I should know.

Because I’m a professional copywriter.

I know the TRUE SECRETS of the industry.

And I’d like to share them. With YOU.

�Mel McIntyre's course is a real eye-opener. Highly recommended to anyone that wants to break into the exciting and lucrative world of professional copywriting!�

- Nick Daws, best-selling author & copywriter

Read About the Life of a Professional Copywriter!
I’m Responsible for Over $12 Million in Online Sales - And I Genuinely Love Every Second of My Work

My name is Mel McIntyre – and I’d like to welcome you to my site!

Over the past five years, I’ve worked as a freelance copywriter. I’m known in the industry as the Top Copy Guy.”

I’ve written sales copy for hundreds of e-mail marketing campaigns. I’ve helped create over 30 professional courses and e-books.

And I’ve written DOZENS of sales letters that have brought in over $12 million in sales to the UK alone.

Yes – I know a fair bit about copywriting.

But here’s something MOST people don’t realize.

Copywriting is EASY!

I mean, it’s literally the SIMPLEST writing job around. There’s no writer’s block, no struggling to find your “muse,” no panicking because your books haven’t sold enough copies.

When you discover the TRUE SECRETS of copywriting, you’ll discover just how amazingly simple it is.

And best of all – copywriters are TRULY in demand!

I mean, the work just never seems to dry up.

And it’s FUN, too.

Last year, in , I had SO MUCH exciting work landing on my desk – I had to literally FORCE myself to take a holiday.

Not only that, I also earned the MOST I’ve EVER grossed in my life.

Can YOU imagine working in a “job” like that?

I’d like to show you how.

�The Ultimate Copywriter offers excellent guidance. Mel McIntyre shares valuable insights and the course is absolutely essential for anyone embarking on copywriting as a career or simply to write great copy everytime. Highly recommended!�

- Carol Anne Strange, best-selling writer
- Founder,

Tap Into This $2.3 TRILLION DOLLAR Industry... Discover How YOU Can Earn a SHOCKING $10,000 Every Single Time You Decide to Write a Sales Letter!

Let’s start from the beginning. What are "COPYWRITERS?"

Copywriters are individuals that write content designed to persuade. I'm talking about press releases, marketing slogans, promotional articles. And, most profitably of all, sales letters.

Sales letters a little like this one, for example.

Now, take my word for it: This letter was EASY to write.

I mean, it literally COULDN’T get any simpler.

Yet most decent copywriters are paid a minimum of $10,000 (around £5,000) per letter.

Can you IMAGINE that?

Want to build a magnificent extension onto your house? Just write a letter.

Fancy taking your partner on a luxury cruise around the world? Just write a letter.

How about funding your kids to attend a prestigious university? Just write a letter.

And that’s not all.

By writing a mere handful of letters, many copywriters are earning $100,000… $200,000… $500,000… even MILLIONS of dollars per year… just for putting finger to keyboard.

Not only that, many copywriters receive follow-up royalties on sales letters.

So, in addition to getting their original fee, they could be claiming thousands of dollars in bonus income every month. For doing NOTHING!

It’s a $2.3 TRILLION DOLLAR INDUSTRY that NEEDS people like YOU.

But if it’s SO EASY, why isn’t EVERY writer doing it?

Because they don't understand the UNWRITTEN RULES of copywriting.

You see, there are a series of SECRETS to writing fantastic sales copy. Secrets that will enable you to throw away your day job – and become a permanent freelance copywriter.

Secrets that will be the KEY to your financial freedom and happiness.

And, TODAY, I’d like to share those secrets.

With YOU.

�Fantastic course. I write all of my own sales letters - and have earned millions of dollars using these techniques. I'm sharing happiness across the globe AND earning cash at the same time. Thank you!�

- Bradley Thompson, self-development writer

Here’s the SECRET of Ernest Hemingway’s Popularity - And How You Can Use His Four Simple Guidelines To Help Write FANTASTIC Sales Copy, Every Time!

Ernest Hemingway was one smart cookie.

Okay, so he never wrote a sales letter.

But he did know that the secret to writing fantastic copy is to KEEP IT SIMPLE.

No fancy words or long sentences.

Just PURE SIMPLICITY� Like you�d write in a letter to your mother.

When Hemingway joined the Kansas City Star as a junior reporter, aged 18, he memorized its four simple style guidelines � and went on to spread them throughout the globe.

He credited his prolific career to these four simple rules:

Use short sentences
Use short first paragraphs
Use vigorous English
Be positive, not negative


Ernest Hemingway was no copywriter.

But he couldn’t have put the core rules of copywriting down more succinctly.

These are the base rules that allow ANY copywriter to write fantastic, compelling, EXCITING copy every single time – no matter how big the job.

So… Could YOU write in a simple style, without complexity?

Could YOU write a simple letter to your mother?

Combine this “plain English” style of writing with the INSIDER SECRETS I’m going to share – and you’ll soon be writing POWERFUL sales letters (and press releases and articles!) that have companies BEGGING to hire you!

I’ll show you how to write AWESOME sales copy that really sells. I’ll give you the SECRET two words you MUST include in every sales letter. I’ll even give you a “framework” for working, so you’ll NEVER feel stuck in your writing again!

There are SECRETS to being a great copywriter.

And, for the first time ever, they're ALL brought together inside my brand new course...

... “The Ultimate Copywriter.”

Want to learn more?

�When I realized how simple copywriting was, I almost couldn't believe it. You just write. In plain and simple English. Nothing special. And I just made $7,000 on my first, tiny online job. I'm amazed!�

- Will Slater, Baytown, TX, 77520
- slatersr****

Are YOU Ready to Exploit the Copywriter Lifestyle?
Get Up At Midday, Enjoy More Cash, Live Life Fully... All When You Discover The Ultimate Copywriter!

The Ultimate CopywriterSo, are YOU ready to discover the SECRETS of being a TOP COPYWRITER?

Does the idea of working just a couple of hours each day, in your pyjamas, raise your interest levels?

Getting up at midday. Tapping away on the keyboard at the local coffee shop. Having lunch with friends. Spending more time in the evening with your family.

Enjoying more luxurious holidays. A better home. A fantastic new quality of life.

And STILL earning more than a handful of doctors combined – just for writing a couple-dozen letters every year.

Imagine: A minimum of $10,000 for every letter you write. With bonus commission checks arriving every quarter. And extra $$$$$ coming from smaller jobs too, such as press release writing.

Does that lifestyle suit YOU?

If so, then you’ll find the magical key inside my brand new course: “The Ultimate Copywriter.”

It was commissioned by one of the world’s most renowned copywriting companies, the Self Development Network Network – a company that turns over multiple of millions in sales every year, all as a result of its online copywriting.

This fantastic new course shows you absolutely EVERYTHING you need to get started in the world of copywriting.

You’ll learn the INSIDER SECRETS the REAL copywriters do NOT want you to know. You’ll learn how to GET STARTED with your first job as quickly as possible – and how to build up an AMAZING REPUTATION within just weeks.

I’ll show you the FORMULA for writing amazing sales copy that works TIME and TIME AGAIN. You’ll be amazed by this – and you’ll NEVER be stuck for words again.

I’ll also give you the CONTACTS you need for making yourself known to the industry. Within just a FEW short months, you’ll be able to leave your day job – and have companies BANGING on your door with fresh work!

Plus, I’ll share the SECRET WRITING MARKETS that most copywriters completely forget about. Use these to your advantage. They’re a PERMANENT CASH COW… Just keep milking them for as long as you like!

And that’s STILL not all.

Please… Let me give you a SNEAK PREVIEW of what’s inside “The Ultimate Copywriter”!

�I'm a part-time copywriter that enjoys creating letters that really convert into sales. I've been doing it for years. This year, I went commercial with my services and have earned over �30,000 so far. That's for a couple of hours a week, if that!�

- Jennifer Lansbury, dream expert

Are YOU Ready to Enjoy the Copywriter Lifestyle? Here’s a TINY SAMPLE of the SECRETS You’ll Discover Inside The Ultimate Copywriter Course!

So, you’re ready to become a copywriter, huh?

Here’s a SNEAK PREVIEW of just a few of the many, MANY master copywriting secrets you’ll uncover inside “The Ultimate Copywriter” course.

Inside it’s 180+ pages, you’ll discover:

Why ALL copywriters are made, and not born – And how you can use this to your advantage!
Find out how to get started copywriting RIGHT AWAY – And how having “experience” can actually slow you down!
Uncover why there has literally NEVER been a better time to be a copywriter – And how YOU can tap into this $2.3 trillion dollar industry!
What copywriting REALLY is – And no, it’s NOT just about writing sales letters. There’s plenty more that most copywriters never even think about!
The TOP THREE WAYS to get work as a copywriter – You’ll need to follow one of these paths to make it big in the industry
Why your PORTFOLIO matters more than qualifications – And how to create a winning resume, even if you’ve never completed a writing job in your life!
The TOP TIPS for EARNING MORE as a copywriter – And the calculations you need to figure out how to make it BIG in the writing world!
The FOUR WAYS of getting started TODAY – And the bonus FOUR TECHNIQUES that every copywriter MUST know!
The ONE SECRET METHOD of magically gaining the �STYLE� of the world�s best copywriters � This one is GOLD DUST! You absolutely CANNOT MISS THIS ONE!!
The FOUR DON’TS that you absolutely MUST NOT DO in your career as a copywriter. Get this wrong and you might as well not bother starting!
How to BREAK into copywriting for the WEB – And the SIX-PART TECHNIQUE for ensuring you beat the system!
The SIX ONLINE ORGANIZATIONS that you MUST know to keep up-to-date with the world of copywriting. Don’t fall behind with the masses!
How to WRITE as you SPEAK for MAXIMUM effectiveness – Discover what’s wrong with this technique, and how to get it RIGHT!
The HEMINGWAY SECRETS – Discover what else he learned at his six months at the Kansas City Star, and how it impacts your copywriting!
The THREE SIMPLE METHODS of writing powerful copy that COMMUNICATES – You won’t believe how easy these are!
The FIFTEEN STEPS of a MAGICAL SALES LETTER – Just fill in the blanks to enjoy the PERFECT sales letter. It doesn’t get any easier than this!
The UNBELIEVABLY EASY way to add instant credibility to your sales copy! (I love this method. It’s definitely one of my favorites!)
The POWER of LISTS, just like this one! – And using them to make someone RUSH to purchase your client’s products. Which means more cash for you!
Read my STEP-BY-STEP ANALYSIS of one of the most POWERFUL sales letters on the Web TODAY – And learn from its HIDDEN SECRETS!
Uncover the TWO MOST IMPORTANT WORDS you absolutely MUST include in every sales letter you write!
Why the MAJORITY of sales letters FAIL – And how to stop this from EVER happening to you!
The SECRETS of writing a sales letter that rakes in CASH, for YEARS after you’ve written it!
The Power of the “USP” – And why you MUST identify this first, otherwise your sales copy will be as wet as the ocean itself!
How to get your work REVIEWED and EDITED, at absolutely NO COST to you! (Oh yes - this one is very clever!)
Alternative ways to earn BIG MONEY from your copywriting skills – Including press releases, slogans, articles and more!
The SEVEN-STEP press release formula – Just follow this to write your press release and rake in easy money during your lunch break!
Individual GUIDES for writing everything from Web page content, to corporation mottos, to magazine features!
The BIG BUCKS to be earned in professional “SEO” writing – And the mistake that 99% of copywriters make when writing SEO articles!
The SEVEN LUCKY SITES for developing your copywriting business. If you don’t bookmark these, you’re losing out!
The FOUR BIGGEST COPYWRITING JOB SITES on the Internet today – Register with these and get ready for the offers flooding in!
The EXACT STEPS to promoting yourself in the industry – And earning more cash than you ever dreamed possible!
How you can GET PUBLISHED, earn more money than you’ve ever dreamed of – AND spend more time at home, with your family!
How to get FRESH JOBS landing in your Inbox every single day – WITHOUT having to go chasing for them!
How to begin enjoying the UNLIMITED EARNING POTENTIAL of a copywriter – beating doctors, politicians and actors!
How to tap into your COPYWRITING FAME to write your own BOOK – Copywriting is the perfect stepping stone to getting your book published!
A QUICK and SIMPLE WAY to spot BAD COPY quickly – And how to turn the errors of other people into a money-making goldmine!
The EIGHT STEP-BY-STEP copywriting solution “cheat sheets” – Print these pages out and you’ll NEVER be stuck for words again!

This is everything you need to know to make it BIG in copywriting. And MORE.

Are you ready to discover ALL of these secrets?

Read on.

�I've read a library full of copywriting books. But I've never seen anything like this. Mel shows you everything you need to know to write award-winning copy in a matter of minutes. I'm earning thousands thanks to this. I should be giving Mel his 12%!�

- Lisa Anderson, Auburn, WA, 98002
- [email protected]*****.com

Discover How YOU Can Earn $10,000 Per Letter! Order YOUR Copy Today At Our BEST Ever Price
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Are YOU ready to become a professional copywriter, the EASY WAY?

Excited about enjoying the HUGE earning potential – and casual, laid-back LIFESTYLE?

Then you need to discover ALL of the secrets crammed inside “The Ultimate Copywriter” – TODAY.

It’s an accumulation of YEARS of work in the industry, the INSIDER TRICKS that nobody else wants you to know. All fully unveiled – for the very first time, EVER.

So, how can you grab YOUR copy of “The Ultimate Copywriter”?

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Best of all, you don’t have to risk a single PENNY of your money trying it out...


Because every single copy of the course comes with it’s own 100% MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE…


We GUARANTEE that you’ll
earn at least $50,000 in your
first year of part-time copywriting.

If you don’t earn AT LEAST that amount, or you’re not thrilled with the course for whatever reason –
just send back the course after that period,
and we’ll refund your ENTIRE purchase cost.

We won’t ask ANY questions. And we
won’t deduct any S&H or restocking fees.



The guarantee is backed up by the Self Development Network Network too, so you know your money is in safe hands.

So, would YOU like to try out the entire course, RISK-FREE, for an entire year?

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Cost: $47.95.

Access details will be delivered via email immediately after purchase.
Please read our earnings & income disclaimer.
�You won't find a single big copywriter willing to give you even TEN MINUTES of his time for $50. But with this course, Mel McIntyre gives you ALL of his secrets, and MUCH MORE, with a full guarantee too. I'm impressed and recommend this HIGHLY!�

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“Yes! I Want YOU to Be a Copywriting Success Story!” Grab YOUR Copy of the Entire Course TODAY And Claim FOUR HUGE Bonuses, Worth Over $300!

Let me tell you something: I want you to be a SUCCESS.

When you make it big, it’s a win-win situation. I get to keep your course dollars. And you get the copywriting lifestyle that is perfect for you.

That’s why I’ve taken everything one step further.

Instead of JUST giving you the basic course, I’ve compiled FOUR MASSIVE BONUSES to help you succeed.

Separately, they sell for over $340.

But they’re YOURS, absolutely FREE of charge – when you decide to purchase YOUR copy of “The Ultimate Copywriter” BEFORE midnight, .

Yes, you MUST act fast.

But when you do, here’s what I’m going to throw your way, at NO EXTRA COST:

“The Top TEN Sales Letters of All Time” – Discover the ten little-known sales letters that generated BILLIONS of dollars in revenue. See how simple they are constructed – and read my step-by-step ANALYSIS of their powerful yet “hidden” sales techniques. This is perhaps the most valuable “bonus gift” you’ll EVER receive! Absolutely PRICELESS. Learn from the masters!
“Power Copywriting for the Internet” – Master copywriter Bob Serling shows you how to write million-dollar advertising copy, using his own powerful 32-step formula. Almost 150 pages of online copywriting secrets, from the undisputed King of Copy!
Interviews with FIVE Million-Dollar Copywriting Pros – When you want the best advice, go to the best in the industry! We’ve purchased the rights to interviews with the TOP FIVE copywriters in the industry, each having made millions in sales with their words. Includes interviews with JOE VITALE, Marlon Sanders, Audri Lanford, Declan Dunn, and the late Corey Rudl.
“How to QUICKLY & SAFELY Change Careers” – Want to enjoy life as a full-time copywriter? This 25+ page guide will show you EXACTLY how to go about it – without risking a single dime. Includes a bonus “Roadmap to Success” to ensure you hit the big time, with nothing at risk, and everything to gain!

Individually, these gifts retail for well OVER $300.

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There’s NEVER been a better time to become “The Ultimate Copywriter.”

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�Copywriting is a secret black art. Not many people can teach it's secrets. Mel is one of the chosen few that will share everything with you. I highly recommend this course. It'll show you how to persuade anyone with a few simple words. Buy it!�

- Hale Carlton, author of "The Meditation Program"

You’re FIVE MINUTES Away from a New Career!

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Your ENTIRE 180+ Page Copy of “The Ultimate Copywriter” Course – Want to make it big in the world of copywriting? This course contains EVERYTHING you need to know. From SECRET copywriting outlines, to LITTLE-KNOWN tricks for writing copy that sells, to the online CONTACTS you absolutely must know – and MORE. Outstanding!

“The Top TEN Sales Letters of All Time” – Discover the long-hidden sales letters than have turned over BILLIONS in revenue. Plus, read my breakdown of why they work – and how YOU can copy their techniques!
“Power Copywriting for the Internet” – Discover master copywriter Bob Bly’s own special 32-step method for writing powerful online sales copy. This 150-page book sells elsewhere for a staggering $100+!
Interviews with FIVE Million-Dollar Copywriters – Get personal training from those that walk-the-walk! Including Joe Vitale, Marlon Sanders, Audri Lanford, Declan Dunn, and the late Corey Rudl.
“How to Quickly & Safely Change Careers” – Read our hands-on guide for ditching your day job, and entering the world of professional copywriting – without risking a dime! Includes my personal “Roadmap to Success.”
100% RISK-FREE GUARANTEE – Try out the entire course for twelve months! If you haven’t made at least an extra $50,000, working part-time as a copywriter (or you’re not thrilled in any other way), we’ll refund every penny you spent! No deductions, no questions asked!

... All of this for the TINY PRICE of JUST $47.95.

This might be the last chance you EVER get to begin your exciting new career.

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Cost: $47.95.
Access details will be delivered via email immediately after purchase.
Please read our earnings & income disclaimer.
�Mel is one of the best copywriters I know. I've worked with him for years - and for him, writing great copy is as easy as flicking a light switch. In this course, he shares his system. If you're even remotely interested in copywriting, I'd urge you to discover his methods - and begin enjoying the luxurious lifestyle of a copywriter!�

- Karl Moore, best-selling author


It’s midday – and the warm sun slowly wakes you from a beautiful, deep sleep.

For a few moments, you enjoy the silence, and think of the day ahead.

You’re having lunch with friends at 2pm. It’ll be nice to catch up again.

Of course, the kids are home by 4pm. Time to have a little family fun!

And not forgetting your spouse. You’re booked in to enjoy a champagne dinner at that new exclusive restaurant in town tonight. Remember?

It’s vacation time soon, too.

You lay back, stretch, smile to yourself and say:

“Life is GOOD!”

Then you remember the Ultimate Copywriter website. And how thankful you are that you decided to take that “risk” – and try out the course.

Begin your new future TODAY.

Click on the button and get started:

The Ultimate Copywriter
Click HERE to Order The Entire Course!

Cost: $47.95.
Access details will be delivered via email immediately after purchase.
Please read our earnings & income disclaimer.

Thanks for taking the time to read my simple sales letter.

Best wishes,

Mike Williamson
Mel McIntyre, AKA Top Copy Guy
Author, “The Ultimate Copywriter”
Part of the Global Writing Network


PS. There’s NEVER been a better time to get started in the world of copywriting! The industry is DESPERATE for new talent. Few writers really know how to write copy that SELLS. Now is YOUR chance to learn. Click HERE to grab your copy of the course!

PPS. “The Ultimate Copywriter” is ONLY available from this website! You cannot purchase this course in stores, from eBay, or anywhere else online. If you want to try your chances at being a copywriter, you MUST order the course from this site. Click HERE to get started!

PPPS. Remember, we’ve absolutely NEVER offered “The Ultimate Copywriter” package at such a low price before. So if you’re even REMOTELY interested in copywriting – even if you think you’re going to send the course back after extracting its secrets! – then grab YOUR copy, TODAY.

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